New Spring Elective Course: ARTS 314 Web Design 2


This is an advanced website design and development class focusing on front-end development (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). The main focus for this class will be using JavaScript to create websites that include motion, interaction and data retrieval using publicly available APIs (Application Programming Interface) like live weather data, Facebook data, etc. We will also be covering a handful of JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, p5js, D3js and Bootstrap. The class will be discussing how to create interactive websites for both desktop platforms, mobile and tablet. This class could collaborate with the App Design class to build out the designed Apps.

Prerequisites: ARTS 214 – Web Design 1

Instructor: Danne Woo

Day/Time: Thursday, 2:00PM – 5:50PM

Class Website:

New Spring Elective Course: ARTS 172 Game Design

Excerpt from New American Sweatshop: Training Module, by Amelia Marzec

Excerpt from “New American Sweatshop: Training Module” by Amelia Marzec

This is an introductory course on the culture, theory, and design of games. In this course, students will work in teams to create several games and write game design documentation. Through the playing and analysis of games, lectures, assigned readings and process blogs, students will develop a foundation in game design that will be applicable to other interactive experiences. This will count as a lower level elective for Design majors.

Prerequisites: none

Instructor: Amelia Marzec

Day and Time: Mondays from 1:40-5:30PM

New Spring Elective Course: ARTS 192 Storyboarding & Storytelling

This course focuses on storytelling skills for time-based media through the introduction of storyboarding techniques. Storyboarding is the art of transforming a written script into a sequential, visual story. Concepts addressed in this course include: tools, methods and techniques, visual storytelling and narrative structure, shot composition, “acting,” and character development. This will count as a lower-level elective for Design majors.

Instructor: Elliot Cowan

Prerequisites: ARTS 191; and ARTS 188 or ARTS151

Day and Time: Sundays from 1:00-4:50pm

New Spring Elective Course: ARTS 266 Children’s Book Illustration


“Red Dorothy” by Elizabeth Sayles

This course introduces students to the field of children’s book illustration through lectures, demonstrations, and writing and drawing exercises. This course is primarily for students interested in illustration and design, and will count as an upper-level elective.

Prerequisites: ARTS 151, or ARTS 188

Instructor: Elizabeth Sayles

Day and time: Saturday, 1:00-4:50PM

New Elective Course: ARTS-250 Design Thinking – Spring 2017


Learn to think and make strategically. Apply your design skills in ways that are truly innovative.

Students interested in creative direction, social innovation, tech entrepreneurship, and solving the world’s big, important problems are encouraged to enroll.

Design Thinking
Wednesdays, 8:10am-12pm in Klapper 107
Fall 2016
Professor Andrew DeRosa

Course Description
This course will explore a variety of research, strategy, and design methods used by industry leaders to create innovative design solutions. Students will use these methods to create their own fully-formed brands to launch new products, services, and experiences based on real insights.

Pre-req: ARTS 241 or consent of instructor:


Graphic Design Internship-Paid Internship

MME- New York, New York 443 Park Ave S #4, New York, NY 10016

Pt time Internship: 10 hours a week.

-Assist in developing and executing design concepts for a national brand. Heavy emphasis on social media posts, brochures, print and digital collateral.
-Attention to detail is imperative. Must be able to work individually and in a team environment when given project goals and deadlines.

Minimum Requirements
-Strong design skills reflected in current portfolio and school assignments.
-Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite specifically, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Benefits of an Internship at MME
-Gain professional work experience in an area related to your degree.
-Work in a positive, well-balanced environment.
-Potential opportunity, upon graduation, for full-time employment with a successful, fast-growing company

Email Cover Letter, Resume and link to online portfolio to


Below is a sampling of some of our Design internship openings at Viacom. Internships include but are not limited to the following groups:

Digital Design (UX/UI) – UX/UI teams start with early design ideation through final execution of design deliverables and prototypes. Digital focuses on web development, starting with image preparation to construct web pages. Flash skills are highly desired.  If the intern has the capability for advanced web development, he/she will team on larger websites and online applications.

Off-Air Creative Design – Off-Air functions as an in-house visual communications department. We employ Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Project Managers and Project Coordinators, which handle a wide variety of print related projects including: advertising campaigns, package design, consumer products and internal / external support marketing materials.

On-Air Graphics – On-Air creates on air elements including opens, bumpers, bugs, transitions and production frames.  We have a team of designers, animators, project managers, PA’s and Coordinators.  Once we created the graphics we hand them off to producers/editors who will insert the graphics into the show.

Photography – Maintains photo archives, coordinates photo shoots, distribute photos from external agencies and photographers, as well as help to bring our brands to life with still images for on-air, online and print media.

Please complete the internship application and a College Relations representative will contact you directly, should we have an appropriate internship based on your areas of interest and skills.

* Please note: links to online portfolios are required on resumes*

Graphic Design Intern-Packaging (Spring 2017) Mattel

We are currently seeking qualified intern candidates to participate in our paid Spring 2017 Internship Program within the Packaging Department.

•    Work closely with packaging department designers to design and develop packaging graphics.
•    Prepare high quality package mock-ups.
•    Design graphics for trade ads, cross sells and related promotional graphics.
•    When asked, attend and participate in the weekly packaging/marketing meetings.
•    Communicate as required with the HK packaging office.
•    Understands how to monitor and follow packaging status schedules to keep projects on time.
•    Responsible to keep manager updated on changes in package design/development

•    Ability to transform business objectives into high quality, creative design concepts.
•    Computer Proficiency in Adobe CS5 as well as MS Office/Macintosh Office.
•    Working knowledge of type manipulation, photography, mechanical art production.
•    Strong aesthetic skills
•    Excellent time management skills with ability to juggle multiple priorities and meet deadlines.
•    Well-developed project management skills.
•    Strong communication skills with ability to work with individuals at all levels.

•    Working towards a BS Degree in Graphics, Fine Arts or related degree.