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Packaging Design Spring 2014

packaging design, spring 2014

packaging design, spring 2014

Packaging Design, Spring 2014
We will explore packaging of existing products on the market, analyze the elements of their appeal to their perceived target audience, critique them, and come up with our own re-designed versions to improve on the packaging or change its message. This class would be primarily focused on sustainable packaging design using recycled materials.

ARTS  370 – 01   VT: Special Topics in Design
Su 1:00PM – 4:40PM
Package Design
With the talented Antonio DeJesus

call for illustrator and graphic designer (Bengali) (paid freelance position)


The What To Expect Foundation is looking for a creative illustrator and a graphic designer who want to be part of a very exciting project (paid freelance position).

In Bangladesh we are creating a simply written, beautiful pregnancy book filled with stories and illustrations that show the real lives of pregnant women in Bangladesh and helps families joyfully experience the journey of pregnancy. The book (which will be supported by education and health programming) will empower young women and help families support mothers and children throughout their pregnancy.

The illustrator for this project must have knowledge of the cultural traditions of Bangladesh. The illustrations will consist of a number of single color line drawings and 12 full color illustrations depicting a variety of images, from pregnant women, to babies, including babies in the womb at various stages of gestation, midwives and doctors, and detailed close ups, such as food items, or an expecting mom reading, etc. The illustrator will work with the What to Expect creative team, and will need to follow a strict timeline of submission dates.  If not based in the US, the illustrator will be responsible for providing electronic versions of all art.    Women who have been pregnant are strongly encouraged to apply. 

The graphic designer for this project must be fluent in Bengali and English.  They must have book design or other written materials experience, and be proficient (and own) the in InDesign program.   The Graphic Designer will work with the creative team to take the text (being written in Bangladesh) and work on a format. This will be an iterative, very creative process.   The designer can work remotely from the US or abroad – as long as they have continuous access to needed technology. 

Interested candidates should contact the International Program Manager, Stacey Ramirez at with a letter of interest and sample work. The What to Expect Foundation will ask illustrators for sample sketches of a pregnant Bangladeshi woman, and a close up of hands being washed


About the What to Expect Foundation 
The What To Expect Foundation takes its name and leadership from the bestselling US parenting series that includes What To Expect When You’re Expecting. The What To Expect Foundation is a charitable NGO that creates pregnancy materials for women around the world that are beautiful, easy to read, and part of a program to improve the health and well-being of mothers and babies.  

Our signature program is the Baby Basics prenatal health literacy program that has helped moms across the US expect better for themselves and their babies. Bringing together healthcare providers, literacy and health educators, and moms, Baby Basics Programs help women learn about their pregnancy, while learning important life skills so they can plan for themselves and their baby. More about the Baby Basics program in the United States can be found in these videos:

Matthew Thurber Book Signing and Release Party

INFOMANIACS  by Matt Thurber

INFOMANIACS by Matt Thurber

Book Signing and Reception

November 22nd, 7-9 pm
Desert Island
540 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn NY 11211

is a graphic novel printed on paper all about the Internet. A hilarious detective story that manages to critique and explore digital culture, INFOMANIACS is marked by Matthew Thurber’s restless questioning and heightened sense of the absurd. With the iconic Amy Shit as his Philip Marlow, Thurber looks in on “The Scriveners of Tweet Street”, Albert Radar, a Joseph Beuys-lookalike psychiatrist, a perfectly preserved brain that has never seen the internet, an organic server farm, the Anthropamorphic Task Force, and so much more. But all of this is in service to a tightly plotted thriller. Think of it as The Long Goodbye for the Tumblr generation.

Winter Session: Graphic Novel with Matt Thurber!

image from INFOMANIACS, by Matt Thurber

image from INFOMANIACS, by Matt Thurber


Through a series of exercises and experiments, students will learn to develop control over their drawing and writing in the medium of comics. Related to theater and film, comics are an enduring art form, which can be made by anyone for the price of a pencil and the willingness to concentrate.

Instructor–the talented Matt Thurber

ARTS  187 – Graphic Novel I
MoTuWeThFr 3:00PM – 7:20PM
01/02/2014 – 01/23/2014

Previous experience in drawing, ARTS 151, ARTS188 or equivalent is recommended.

Are you member of One Club? Free portfolio reviews for student members–Next Week

student member portfolio reviews

student member portfolio reviews

FREE student member portfolio reviews happening here at The One Club next week (11/21). I think it’s a can’t-miss for your student members to take advantage of.
If you are interested in joining at a group discount student rate ($75 instead of $90) email me, Professor Weinstein.

Amelia Marzec comes to QC to teach Intro to Game Design!

Amelia Marzec comes to QC to teach game design

Amelia Marzec comes to QC to teach game design

There’s not a person on Earth who has never played a game. In a world increasingly dominated by technology and digital media, examining the principles that make a game great is key to designing successful interactive experiences on the job. Game design is critical in understanding how we play, and can be applied to the design of websites, mobile applications, social networks, and immersive experiences.

Spring 2014
ARTS  286 – Interaction Design
Topic: Intro to Game Design
Mo 8:10AM – 12:05PM
Taught by the talented Amelia Marzec