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Paid Winter Internships in Advertising Agencies

paid winter internships

paid winter internships

We have obtained funding to provide 7 internships in advertising agencies during winter session. These internships run from January 2- January 27 (M-F) and come with a stipend of $1200 and the option of academic credit as a graphic design elective.This is a partnership with One Club.

To find out more, come to the Information Session on October 15 during free hour (12-1 pm) in Klapper 107. We will discuss cover letters, resumes and portfolios at this meeting

To apply to the internship, please send an email to Professor Weinstein ( with Internship in the subject line

  • a cover letter addressed to Ms. Grotheer expressing your interest in the internship
  • a resume
  • and a link to your online portfolio OR one pdf with 5 examples of your best work


HRDCVR DESIGN FELLOWSHIP [deadline: friday october 17th]

The HRDCVR DESIGN Fellowship is for online and/or print designers who want to learn, and for designers who want to share skills. Thanks to our amazing backers, the HRDCVR DESIGN FELLOWSHIP includes a stipend of $1000. It is part-time and lasts approximately four months from start date.

Primary responsibilities include: designing for HRDCVR,, and working closely with Danyel, Elliott and teamHRDCVR.

HRDCVR, the hardcover culture magazine created by diverse teams for a diverse world, is seeking candidates with imaginative and bold design skills. Top candidates have a desire to push the envelope, and will respond with innovation and enthusiasm to all assignments. Top candidates will know what’s popular, what’s classic, what’s next, and what’s unique. Top candidates will find joy in fonts, punctuation, memes, and handwriting.

  • Top candidates will must have a love for the printed word, but will be very much into Instagram, Tumblr, presentation platforms—and design as a language.
  • Knowledge of visual design principles and the print design process is a plus, but not required.
  • Prior experience designing for another print publication is nice, not required.
  • Ideas about new ways to use design to tell stories and present information = a big plus.

Wit is a plus. Charm is a plus. A commitment to style and usage and punctuation and grammar is necessary. Even as those rules are meant to be tested.

Passions for politics, sports, music, culture, and tech are a plus. A passion for the HRDCVR missions = a plus.

  • Top candidates should see comfort zones and want to escape.
  • Top candidates will be zen about tasks that will have future meaning.
  • Top candidates are creative, idea-driven, and must have has excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Top candidates must be excited about an informal yet sometimes more formal, ever-evolving start-up-ish atmosphere.
  • The desire to excel and contribute and learn is key.


Please send a link to your resume and portfolio

  • What do you like most about your designing? What do you want to love most about it in ten years? 100 wds max.
  • Talk about your experience with constructive criticism of your work—being critiqued, not being critiqued, critiquing someone else. 100 wds max.
  • Please send link to a project you contributed to in a major way. In 100 words or less, explain what would you have done to make it even better.

Thanks to our amazing backers, the HRDCVR DESIGN FELLOWSHIP includes a stipend of $1000. It is part-time and lasts approximately four months from start date.

This fellowship can and will function virtually—applications are welcome from anyplace in the world (English is required). If candidate is in the NYC area, there will be more emphasis on face-to-face.

A high school diploma is required. College is a plus. Working in publishing—from yearbook to newspapers and magazines in a big city—is a plus, but not required.

Apply on-line