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Last Chance to register for The One Club’s Multicultural Creative Career Fair

The One Club’s Multicultural Creative Career Fair

WHEN: Sept. 30, 2016
WHERE: Times Center

During this one-day event, participants have unprecedented opportunities to interview, network, learn, interact with and gain invaluable knowledge from top creative professionals. IT”S FREE, BUT YOU NEED TO REGISTER.

The One Club’s Here Are All The Black People is our highly anticipated annual multicultural creative career fair. The one-day event provides multicultural students, recent graduates, and creative professionals who are interested in exploring careers in advertising and design the opportunity to showcase their talent to top agencies in the industry. AND YES, IT”S OPEN TO EVERYONE.

HAATBP was created after a panel discussion between advertising greats, Jimmy Smith and Jeff Goodby, as they discussed the lack of diversity in the creative departments in advertising agencies. At which time, Jeff asked, “Where Are All The Black People?” Jimmy, Jeff, and The One Club decided to answer the question and launched the event, “Here Are All The Black People.” HAATBP provides real-world solutions to the lack of diversity in the advertising and design industry’s creative departments. This year, we are opening this event up to aspiring Strategist and Account Planners/Managers.

During this one-day event, participants have unprecedented opportunities to interview, network, learn, interact with and gain invaluable knowledge from top creative professionals, as well as attend portfolio-building workshops, portfolio reviews, and participate in our popular live “elevator” pitch, which awards the winners with interviews with all of the sponsoring agencies. Many participants have walked away from the event with a second interview or a lead to an internship opportunity.

HAATBP is fully sponsored by agencies and companies looking to hire diverse creative talent.

IBM Leadership Consultant Internship- Graphics and Media

HR Leadership Development Graphic Designer or Media Editor Intern: Produce and edit digital media, including but not limited to web content (using HTML), and video. Interpret designs needs and create solutions with high visual impact. You will work on a variety of products, including websites, presentations, conference materials, videos, etc.  Working with a variety of stakeholders you will create impact and further the eminence of the Leadership & Management Development Organizations.
The ideal candidate will be excited about leveraging all areas of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, etc.)

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Proven video editing experience
  • Possession of creative flair, versatility, conceptual/visual ability and originality
  • Demonstrable video editing skills with a portfolio
  • Ability to interact, communicate and present ideas
  • Proven grammar, and written language skills
  • Up to date with industry leading software and technologies.
  • Proficient in design aspects

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience

  • HTML Writing/Editing
  • Graphic Design

TED-Ed Production Intern

TED-Ed is looking for an enthusiastic, multi-talented Production Intern to work closely with the TED-Ed production team to help coordinate internal and external resources from initial conception to final delivery of all TED-Ed Lessons.

(This is a paid 20-30 hour per week position based in our Manhattan office from October 2016 through October 2017.)

Minimum Requirements:

  • Interest and understanding of animation production
  • Interest in a career in content production
  • Exceptional ability to multitask
  • Rigorous organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Current college or graduate student, or recent graduate
  • 1+ year(s) of relevant work experience or internships


  • Assist production team with monitoring schedules for all projects from development to publication
  • Prep TED-Ed Lessons on YouTube and TED-Ed website
  • Schedule meetings, interviews and phone calls
  • Review and QC animations at various stages in production
  • Assist production team in organizing and delivering video and audio assets to distribution partners
  • Assist production team with research, fact checking and brainstorming TED-Ed lesson ideas

The ideal candidate:

  • Flexible and adaptable work style that responds quickly and efficiently to things as they happen
  • Strong writer and communicator
  • The ability to apply creative thinking and problem solving
  • Works successfully in a small company/entrepreneurial environment
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • A wide-ranging curiosity about design, science, technology, psychology, entertainment, philosophy and the arts is a plus
  • Ability to make fun of yourself

Please provide a cover letter and resume with relevant experience in response to the job posting on Note that due to the high volume of e-mails, only considered candidates will be notified.

Design Intern- Mobile + Platforms, TED

TED is looking for a Design Intern


  • A degree or working towards a degree in Web Design, Visual Design, or User Experience Design; human computer interaction
  • Must have an online portfolio
  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision, and/or other design tools
  • Experience with mobile app design and responsive web design
  • Responsible, self-motivated and able to thrive in an energetic, fast-paced, creative but fun environment
  • Intuitive understanding of and empathy for everyday users: their motivations, goals, and abilities.
  • Team player, with a strong sense of ownership and a ‘get things done’ attitude.
  • Keep up to date on the latest design trends, design guidelines for native applications and connected devices
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Main Responsibilities:

  • Help identify and validate opportunities and ultimately assist in shipping design solutions across TED’s digital platforms
  • Produce sketches, visual elements, and layouts for given design solutions
  • Design marketing assets and contribute to production design, including photography and screenshots for various app platforms
  • Contribute to the design of flows and experiences for TED native applications that are simple and elegant
  • Create clickable prototypes from design comps using Invision or Keynote in order to demo mobile app flows




Alumni Interview: Jimmy Mercado

Below are excerpts from a conversation between Queens College Design graduate Jimmy Mercado (Class of Fall 2015), and Deputy Chair Ryan Hartley Smith about entering the job market after graduation, and lessons learned along the way.

Jimmy Mercado

Jimmy Mercado

RHS: Hi Jimmy, How was your summer?
JM: Hey! What’s up Ryan?! My summer has been pretty good but mostly busy. Just keeping myself relaxed, the usual lol.

How would you describe the work you’re making now, and what’s the work you’re most proud of?
Well, I’ve been keeping myself busy- most of my work is animation (either in After Effects or Cinema 4D), however my favorite animation work has been in Cinema. In addition to that, I’ll say the work I’m most proud of has to be my Coca Cola Advertisement Poster (below). I say this because I felt like it matched the design choices I’ve thought of at the time before I started it. Plus it’s cool to me! Many people gave that poster so many compliments which made me happy.

Advertising project for class at QC.

Advertising project for class at QC.

Where can we see your portfolio (website, behance, anything else..)?
Anyone can check out my work on my website (, my Instagram dedicated to my designs is slim_design, and any other social media platform I i didn’t say here is on the footer of my website. I’m starting to do alot of animations now so I’m excited about that! Please follow if you guys like the stuff you see!

I met you before you were a student at Queens College, when you were in high school and we both worked for a community mural organization called Groundswell. The project you worked on was the entrance to the 191st 1 stop in Washington Heights. Did that experience influence your decision to pursue a career in art and design?
Oh that’s rightttt!! haha I was sooooo young! I believe I was like 14. I was a teenager, you know, so I didn’t know what I was doing. I started painting and it was relaxing and fun. Never did anything like that! I loved the environment, but believe it me it wasn’t that experience which made me like the arts and design. What made me pursue a career in art and design was actually being curious about the processes of making a poster, animated movie, and Photoshop skills I’d seen online during my senior year of high school.

Jimmy (left) works on "New York is a Rollercoaster" in 2008 with artists Chris Beck (2nd from left) and Belle Benfield (2nd from right).

Jimmy Mercado (left) works on “New York is a Rollercoaster” in 2008 with artists Chris Beck (2nd from left) and Belle Benfield (2nd from right). Photo taken by Ryan Hartley Smith for Groundswell.

Does the process of making a mural influence your current design work in any way?
That’s a great question!! Believe it or not it kind of does! It’s just like you could learn painting or drawing in college. I take note of what I learn each time. Like painting the mural with Groundswell actually helped me know more about complimentary colors, primary colors, etc. I learned what colors pop and can engage an audience. With that in mind, I encourage new comers trying to get into design not to limit themselves to just the computer. Log off and use paper and [handmade] materials when you can, trust me it helps!

Entering into the professional field of design is super competitive and it can be difficult for recent graduates to balance supporting themselves, making new work for their portfolio, and networking / applying for jobs. How has this process been going for you?
Well, that experience being a recent graduate that I am is honestly putting in work, work and more work. I graduated Fall of 2015 and for me I spent 4 months making animations. I thought to myself “I want to be an animator so bad. I want work, but I’m not getting anywhere right now.” I saw Professor Hyesu Lee one day while I was passing by to say “hi.” She told me don’t give up and keep applying. Another month passed by and the work and animations I put in worked out! I’m glad to say I found my first internship in May and this turned into a part-time designer/animator position with the NY Mets in the fall!

That is awesome that you’re working for the Mets! What is your job title? What are your responsibilities?
Yeah I know right! I was surprised when I had the interview a few months back. To answer your question I did intern with them as a “Productions Animation Intern.” I started with the Mets in May and the paid internship continued on until last week. There were 6 other interns including myself that worked with Productions. Some interns were designers and others were interning to gain experience in being part of a production team. I got hired to work part-time with them for the rest of this baseball season since they saw my interest in helping the team.  My responsibilities include designing and animating a “vs match-up” between the Mets and the visiting team. I also am using player images and placing them in the templates given to me by the Graphic Specialist. In addition, I work closely with the Director, the Graphic Specialist and others to come up with transition animations. For example, I generate ideas for replay wipes, logos, icons, and more to build in Cinema 4D and/or After Effects. I’ve already made some cool stuff for them that are up on the scoreboards!

That is so exciting! Well deserved! What are your other professional goals for this year? How do you plan on achieving them?
This year is all about making new things to put in my portfolio. I will focus more on animation to expand my horizons as an animator and designer. I plan to reach out to other animation-focused graphic design studios. I also plan on trying freelancing for a couple of my friend’s bosses. The way I’m approaching these things is just by applying, contacting people, and improving my work to show potential employers what I can do as a designer.

What was your favorite Design course at Queens College and why?
I don’t even have to think twice about this answer! If you asked anyone from my graduating class, they will tell you in a heartbeat “3D Animation & Modeling with Ben Voldman!” It was sooooo different from regular design. It included the 3D knowledge I’ve wanted to learn since the first time I got into art and design. I knew I would catch on fast and make it my “new thing”. Combining 3D with design and animating in Cinema 4D is the best!! However, Ben Voldman hands down gave me the basic tools to learn the rules and engaged his class in new ways to do things and it dragged my full attention. I would be the one asking questions and approaching him when I needed it. It was great to say I’ve taken alot from his class. When I started working for the Mets at Citifield, some of the creative artists thought I did really cool stuff thanks to the things I’ve learned at QC.

"Lazer Spaceship" designed to showcase rendering 3D objects in realistic scenery

“Lazer Spaceship” designed to showcase rendering 3D objects in realistic scenery

If you were able to go back and go through the Design program again (knowing what you’ve learned from entering the job market), what would you do differently?
If I had to go through the Design program again, I would’ve definitely liked to work more on my typography! I would’ve liked to change most of my designs to make them better than they were. Lastly, just approached my professors more and get the help to become better.

What advice do you have for students who are considering being a Design major?
I would say to you new folks “give it a shot!” Approach your professors when you want more knowledge and advice on your designs. Listen to the critiques you get in class and use them! When you learn from the critiques, it’ll make your designs 1000x better. Don’t be shy to speak your mind while critiquing because you help each other out! Aside from that, never give up post-graduation if you haven’t had work because SOMEONE WILL NOTICE YOU! Try finding an internship during your school years and if you still haven’t found anything don’t put your head down yet. Keep working and that hard work will push you to a point you’ll get a job.

Graphic Design Internship–National Organization for Women – NYC

Interns will be asked to work 20 hours/week in exchange for College credit and will be compensated with a lunch stipend and Metrocard reimbursement.

The Graphic Design intern assists in the development of assigned print and internet projects. This person should have a strong interest and general knowledge in design that is visually inviting, functional, dynamic, effective, and capable of communicating and achieving goals/objectives set forth by mentor.

This person helps maintain and update content and design for company produced marketing materials.

The Graphic Design intern should have strong interpersonal skills, a well-developed design sensibility and an eye for detail. The design intern must be a self-starter and have the ability to think outside the box.

The Graphic Design intern should have a general knowledge in typographic, identity, web, and interactive design and have a working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Intermediate video editing experience preferred.

Reports to the Creative Director.

  • Works with design team to develop and in some cases design projects that will meet company’s strategic planning activities.
  • Assists with updating and maintenance of online advertising assets/projects (banner ads, buttons, gifs, etc.).
  • Stays current with regard to design trends, tools, materials and practices.

Please include portfolio and writing sample with application.

APPLY ONLINE VIA LINKED IN (must have a linkedin account to apply)

Fisher-Price Toy Design/Development Internship Fall 2016

We are currently seeking qualified intern candidates to participate in our paid Internship Program within the Design Department.

Fisher-Price’s design internship program is set up to provide an opportunity for students to prepare for full time design positions after graduation. Interns will work beside experienced designers, engineers and marketing personnel to learn and understand the process of designing toys. Interns will conceptualize ideas through sketches, renderings and models.

Experience, Education & Skills

  •  Working towards a degree in Fine Arts, Industrial Design or related
    •    Strong creative thinking skills
    •    Displays good drawing ability and basic knowledge of materials and processes
    •    Good communication and interpersonal skills
    •    Proactive attitude, good work ethic with an interest in toy design
    •    Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator
    •    3D software experience preferred

Fisher-Price, Inc. is a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAT) with offices located in East Aurora, N.Y. and New York, N.Y. Fisher-Price is one of the most trusted brands in babygear, infant and preschool toys, and conducts business in 150 countries around the world, producing toys in more than 40 languages. Child development expertise coupled with innovation is reflected in the company’s best-known brands including Laugh & Learn®, Little People®, Power Wheels®, and Imaginext®. We’re also a leading developer of character-based toys for children’s programming such as Thomas & Friends™, Dora and Friends: Into the City!, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates. For more information, visit (U.S.) and (Canada) or connect with Fisher-Price on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


The Queens Entrepreneurship Fund Wants You!

Are you interested in economic development and business? Have a passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, or social impact?

If so, check us out. We’re a student run social enterprise start-up dedicated to providing consulting, micro-lending, and skill building services to local business owners. We work towards creating competitive training programs that equip college students with the strategic and business skills necessary to consult local entrepreneurs while devising ways to drive economic development from the ground up. We are presently seeking fellow Queens College students to join our team. Whether you’re interested in an internship or a solid leadership role, we can work with you. So contact us, make some friends, and help us make some awesome stuff happen.

Interested? Have any questions? Please contact us:

Quiet Student Study Lounge in Klapper Hall


Looking for a quiet space to study/work on projects in Klapper Hall?

Thanks to the hard work of Paula Costanzo & Richard Carenas (angels of the Art Department), there is a new student lounge on the 5th floor of Klapper Hall.

Check it out!
And thank Paula & Richard next time you see them!