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New Course Just Added for Spring 2017: ARTS370 Typeface Design


This course is for anyone who has always wanted to design his or her own typeface, but is unsure where to start. Or for those who just love type, and wish they knew more about how it works. The participants will engage with the fundamental methods, tools and principles involved in the making of a digital typeface.

The course will take the participants from basic sketching through hand-drawn type to the digitization of their own, original letterforms. Working with each student step by step through the process of creating a working typeface of their very own, this course will provide a fundamental understanding of how typefaces work both technically and aesthetically, and experience in making them.

ARTS370 (56805)

Prerequisite: ARTS242 Typography 1

Instructor: Thomas Jockin

Day/time: Sundays 1:00pm – 4:50pm