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frog Design Mentorship Program

The frog Mentors Program aims to provide exposure and access to Design Thinking and Human Centered Design to under-represented students. 

Exposure to Design
Through the introduction of various career paths, disciplines of practice and beginning with some basic rituals, we initiate potential designers into the design process. We believe that is important to take a step-by-step approach, without asking a young student to understand the intricacies and complexity of the entirety of the world of Design and all it has to offer. We also believe that this is a program that may provide access to a potential career choice, as well as a place for exploration and discovery. 

Practice Makes Perfect
Choosing an area of Practice takes a lot of time, exploration and experience. We would like to demonstrate the various disciplines within which we work, but we structure our program around using Human Centered Design as the core component. Providing a glimpse into the rituals, the practical tasks, the rhythm and the lifestyle is important to introducing design. As students move through their education, it will be more appropriate to reframe our program to include more craft-related guidance and activities. 

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