ARTS370—Poster Design—Spring 2015

Poster Design with Natalya Balnova

What does it take to make a good poster?  What makes a poster eye-catching from a distance and engaging at further inspection? We will examine how to use simple graphics and memorable messages in order to create powerful and bold posters. In this course, you will be pushed to develop your creative process and find new solutions to make your work stand out.

You will learn to think strategically and plan all decisions to work towards the conceptual and visual content of the poster such as basic idea, image, composition and typography.

You will experiment with different materials and techniques with a focus on hand lettering and collages.

Topics covered in this class will not only be relevant for poster design but will also aid in other fields of graphic design such as branding, promotion design, advertising and typography design.

Multiple genres of posters will be overviewed, including theater posters, movie posters, concert posters, and political posters.

The class will cover the historical background of poster design and the development of the poster’s visual language to introduce the diversity of the subject matter.

ARTS370 (59622) –Poster Design—Spring 2015

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