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The Business of Art – Spring 19 Course

The Business of Art

YOU can develop the business skills necessary for a successful & sustainable career in the Arts! Learn proven Corporate Strategic Planning techniques adapted for the Arts to achieve your goals!

Professor Richard Move
Drama 3903 – 02 (54155) Special
Topics – Business of Art
Wednesday 1:40PM – 4:30PM


Topics of the Business of Art include setting & achieving goals, time management, financial literacy/budgeting, fundraising/crowdfunding, resumes/CV’s, written & verbal communication skills, online presence & more!

Learn User Experience Design

Kingsborough Community College is offering a new tuition-FREE User Experience course.

In the 15-week evening program, you’ll learn from current industry experts via hands-on projects which will focus on important design thinking processes such as:

  • Introductory user experience design & wireframing 
  • Human centered design
  • Visual design
  • Project management
  • Work on a real client project
  • Capstone portfolio development

Learn more about this course here.

Ogilvy Immersion Day

Ogilvy Immersion Day

Tuesday, October 2nd, RSVP required

Learn what it’s like to work at Ogilvy.

Immersion Day is a half-day event designed to give college students an insider’s look into life at an experience design agency. Students have the opportunity to connect with Ogilvy professionals and network with their peers.

Ogilvy hosts Immersion Day at our Denver and New York office locations every six months, coinciding with spring and fall college graduations. Our team spends half a day with these students, beginning with a tour of our space that leads into a panel discussion. Select Ogilvy employees representing research, design, writing, and creative technology share their personal and professional experiences to provide guidance and answer any questions from these students who are about to begin careers of their own. The remainder of the time is filled with first-hand, informative activities, including shadow hours, portfolio and resume reviews, Workshop 101s, and helpful job interview tips and tricks.

The concept of Immersion Day was born from a plight that designers at Ogilvy had experienced firsthand: it’s difficult to find the job you want without knowing anyone in the industry. Additionally, over the past two years, Ogilvy received frequent requests from Denver design students for studio tours and job shadowing opportunities. There had not been a formal structure or cadence for hosting these students, so we decided to organize and operationalize a process where students could visit Ogilvy, get immersed in our culture and the work we do, check out our space, and receive advice on how to start in the industry.

Learn more and RSVP here:

Required Design 1 Portfolio Spring 2018 Review

All Design students who are exiting ARTS 241: Design 1 at the end of this Spring semester are required to submit an online portfolio for review. This review is to ensure that students possess the necessary technical skills and demonstrate an understanding of design principles required by upper division coursework. If the review committee deems a portfolio subpar, students will be put on probation and need to submit a revised portfolio for review before being accepted into ARTS 345: Design 3. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Professor Woo at or any other design faculty member.

Deadline: May 30th, 2018

For more information and for steps on how to submit your portfolio please go here:

QC Critical Social Practice Design Gig

Last year we launched a new Advanced Certificate in Critical Social Practice and now we have two great students approaching completion of the program this May. What we don’t have is a certificate to give these certificate grads. SPQ would like to offer a $300 award for a design that could be printed on a POD type basis that we could provide certificate candidates. Perhaps it would even have some 3D printed element or seal? Let us know if you think this is something your students might find intriguing and worthwhile, but also if you feel the fee is fair.

If you are interested please contact Professor Sholette at

ARTS 370 Classes – Fall 2018

Animated Documentary

Course Name: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 43613
Day & Time: Fridays 2:00 PM – 5:50 PM
Instructor: Dustin Grella
Prerequisite: ARTS193 VT: Intro to Digital Animation and ideally at least one other animation course

Students with experience in animation production will be exploring the experimental documentary genre to create a 1-2 minute complete animation that can be used for presentation in publications or film festivals. Topics we will cover during the course of making the film will be writing a creative brief, audio recording, storyboarding, concept art, animatics, shot lists, file organization and presentation of the film. Students are required to have taken ARTS 193: Introduction to Digital Animation and ideally at least one other animation course, however, if you have questions about your skill level please feel free to contact Professor Grella at

Students interested in completing a 2-4 minute animation can contact Professor Grella to discuss ideas and taking this course for two consecutive semesters.

Professor Grella is an animator and documentary filmmaker whose work has screened at Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals as well as the Museum of Modern Art, has been published in the New York Times and has won the Walt Disney Award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Advanced 3D Modeling

Course Name: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 43609
Day & Time: Monday 6:00PM – 9:50PM
Instructor: Michelle Cortese
Prerequisite: ARTS 213 3D Modeling

This course is for students who want to expand on the skills they gained in ARTS 213 3D Modeling and ARTS 279 3D Animation. Projects will focus on exploring how 3D modeling can be used for next-generation user interfaces like virtual reality and augmented reality and, prepare students for a career as an animator and communication designer. Professor Cortese is currently a Virtual Reality/360 Product Designer at Facebook.

Shoot. Edit. Post.

Course Number: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 43619
Day & Time: Monday 8:10 AM – 12:00 PM
Instructor: Kathryn Weinstein
Prerequisite: ARTS 191

This class will introduce the use of iPhone as a tool to shoot, edit and post photos/videos. Through lectures, exercises and assignments, students will work with a variety of free and low-cost camera and editing apps, hone skills in visual storytelling, and explore strategies to maximize the potential of social media to engage audiences.

Typeface Design

Course Name: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 43616
Day & Time: Sundays 1:00PM – 4:50PM
Instructor: Thomas Jockin
Prerequisite: ARTS 242

This course will enable students to learn the tools of modern typeface design and take students through concept generation and creating a digital font. This is a great elective course for students interested in communication design and user experience design.

Note: Apple Computers are required for this class, the software isn’t available for a PC.

QG Floral Seeking Junior Graphic Designer

Seeking a graphic designer with experience in the Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign). Must be creative and collaborative with a desire to learn. We want to see a variety of work that showcases both your expert design skills and your understanding of the product or service you are working with. You will be joining a small team where you will be integral in look and feel of our website and social channels.

Who we are looking for…

  • Expert in Adobe Suite
  • You have all the design skills and a portfolio to prove it
  • You take ideas and run with them
  • You are handy with a camera
  • Comfortable presenting ideas, big or small, to management
  • Ability to shift focus while maintaining a positive attitude and not missing a beat (this one is harder than it sounds)
  • Experience updating and maintaining a website
  • Ability to manage Mailchimp and Constant Contact lists
  • Content creation for social comes natural to you
  • Experience with Hootsuite


  • Role is located in Whitestone, Queens and requires being onsite. Don’t worry, the bus drops you off at our front door
  • Sense of humor

Nice to have…

  • You like being surrounded by flowers. We are a floral / landscape company

This role has tremendous potential to grow in a short period of time. We are rapidly expanding and looking to round out our marketing team.

Please include a link to previous work and/or your portfolio in cover letter.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Send inquires to Andrew Goodnow (