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Learn Type Design as an Upper-Level Elective in the Fall

Course Number: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 44392
Day & Time: Sundays from 1PM-5:30PM
Topic: Typeface Design
Instructor: Thomas Jockin
This course will enable students to learn the tools of modern typeface design and take students through concept generation and creating a digital font. This is a great elective course for students interested in communication design and user experience design.
Prerequisite: ARTS 242

New Fall Elective Course: Advanced 3D Modelling

Course Number: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 44339
Day & Time: Wednesdays 6PM-9:50PM
Instructor: Michelle Cortese (
Topic: Advanced 3D ModelingThis course is for students who want to expand on the skills they gained in ARTS 213 3D Modeling and ARTS 279 3D Animation. Projects will focus on exploring how 3D modeling can be used for next-generation user interfaces and, prepare students for a career as an animator and communication designer.Prerequisite: ARTS 213 3D Modeling

New Fall Elective Course: Web Comics and Satirical Illustration

Course Number: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 44917
Day & Time: Mondays 8:10AM-12PM
Instructor: Ryan Smith
Topic: Web Comics and Satirical IllustrationThis course is for students who want to explore the emerging field of web comics. Assignments will focus on using comics for political commentary and social satire. Topics for lectures include contemporary cartoonists and ways of publishing and promoting web and independent content. This course is perfect for students with a concentration in Animation and Illustration.

Prerequisite: ARTS 188: Illustration I

New Fall Elective Course: Data Visualization

Course Number: ARTS 370-VT: Special Topics in Design
Class Number: 44395
Day & Time: Fridays 2PM-5:50PM
Topic: Data Visualization
Instructor: Danne Woo
The massive amounts of data that we produce is steadily rising year after year. This evergrowing sea of information needs to be understood. Since we are all naturally visual people, the best way to understand this data is to graphically interpret it as data visualizations. This class will focus on sourcing publicly available data sets, analyzing these data sets to understand the story in the numbers, and designing visualizations based on our findings. The first half of the semester will focus on printed infographics and the second will be entirely interactive interpretations of the data using HTML5.
Prerequisite: ARTS 191

Illustration Full-Time Job at The Dodo

As a Snapchat Illustrator for The Dodo, you’ll join the largest dedicated animal brand on social media. You’ll collaborate closely with the rest of the creative team to create visually distinct and memorable illustrations that showcase animals at their best and most dynamic on Snapchat.
Your key responsibilities will be to build a collection of custom-designed illustrations and features that enhance The Dodo’s Snapchat experience. Toward that end, you’ll illustrate assets based on daily pitches, and brainstorm and conceptualize the visual language with the creative team to complement written and video content.
As our ideal candidate, you’re a team player with over 3 years of experience working under creative leadership, and you know how to apply visual notes quickly to your work. You are proficient in all industry-standard design applications (Adobe CC: PS, AI, ID) on a Mac platform, and have vector graphic mastery. You possess extraordinary attention to detail and the ability to meet aggressive deadlines, and have strong communication and organizational skills. You can manage, prioritize and execute multiple projects simultaneously — and have fun while doing it! To summarize, you are highly collaborative, a hands­-on visual expert, and you thrive in a fast-paced environment.


Job posting:

Remember to Vote Tomorrow!

Hey QC Design Students,

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! Polls are open from 6:00AM – 9:00Pm.

Here are some illustrated posters by QC students in Professor Sayles’ Illustration 2/3 course that remind us about the importance of voting.

Priscilla Yecora

Priscilla Yecora

Carolyn Balcom

Carolyn Balcom

Kevin Osorio

Kevin Osorio

New Course Just Added for Spring 2017: ARTS 370 Animation 2

This course is for students who want to expand on the skills they gained in ARTS 193 VT: Introduction to Digital Animation. Students will work with renowned animator Dustin Grella to create projects that will prepare them for a career as an animator. This course is perfect for students with a concentration in Animation and Illustration.

ARTS370 (7442)

Prerequisite: ARTS193 VT: Intro to Digital Animation

Instructor: Dustin Grella

Day/time: Wednesdays 1:40pm – 5:30pm


New Spring Elective Course: ARTS 172 Game Design

Excerpt from New American Sweatshop: Training Module, by Amelia Marzec

Excerpt from “New American Sweatshop: Training Module” by Amelia Marzec

This is an introductory course on the culture, theory, and design of games. In this course, students will work in teams to create several games and write game design documentation. Through the playing and analysis of games, lectures, assigned readings and process blogs, students will develop a foundation in game design that will be applicable to other interactive experiences. This will count as a lower level elective for Design majors.

Prerequisites: none

Instructor: Amelia Marzec

Day and Time: Mondays from 1:40-5:30PM

New Spring Elective Course: ARTS 192 Storyboarding & Storytelling

This course focuses on storytelling skills for time-based media through the introduction of storyboarding techniques. Storyboarding is the art of transforming a written script into a sequential, visual story. Concepts addressed in this course include: tools, methods and techniques, visual storytelling and narrative structure, shot composition, “acting,” and character development. This will count as a lower-level elective for Design majors.

Instructor: Elliot Cowan

Prerequisites: ARTS 191; and ARTS 188 or ARTS151

Day and Time: Sundays from 1:00-4:50pm

New Spring Elective Course: ARTS 266 Children’s Book Illustration


“Red Dorothy” by Elizabeth Sayles

This course introduces students to the field of children’s book illustration through lectures, demonstrations, and writing and drawing exercises. This course is primarily for students interested in illustration and design, and will count as an upper-level elective.

Prerequisites: ARTS 151, or ARTS 188

Instructor: Elizabeth Sayles

Day and time: Saturday, 1:00-4:50PM