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Portfolio Review with Advertising Agencies–Free Registration

Looking to get hired? Looking to network? 30 companies are hoping to meet with you!

Where Are All The Black People? — The One Club for Creativity‘s annual diversity conference and career fair — is exactly five weeks away, and we couldn’t be more excited! And if you’ve been thinking about making new industry connections in this ever-evolving world of advertising, we definitely want you sharing in on that excitement!

This past year has seen a lot of industry changes — think about how many agencies let people work from home before COVID? The uncertainty of 2020 has made way for the opportunities of 2021, especially for people of color and their allies, and so many companies are making room for those opportunities.

“‘All of the agencies at WAATBP are there to find new, diverse voices for our industry — take them up on it.”
— Noel Cottrell, CCO, VMLY&R, Kansas City

See all of those logos at the bottom of this email? These represent the many companies that will be sitting down with you to discuss your work during our Portfolio Reviews, as well as hosting virtual Recruiting Booths that will allow you to network with their team and learn what they’re all about.

Add these to a series of amazing workshops, panel discussions, and keynotes — all of it virtual so you can participate from anywhere in the world — and you’ll know why WAATBP is not to be missed! Register for free today and see you September 29 and 30!




MOMA/CUNY programs


MoMA/CUNY Alumni Roundtable

Thursday, March 11, 4:00-5:15 p.m. (Online)

What is it like to work in an art museum? How have former CUNY students found opportunities in the visual arts? In this roundtable conversation, hear directly from MoMA staff members who are also CUNY alumni or professors about their own paths to careers in the arts. This conversation is designed specifically for CUNY undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in learning about and pursuing careers in visual art, arts education, and arts administration. See link for details and registration info.


MoMA/CUNY Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

March 24, 10:00-11:15 a.m. (Online)

How can you apply your skills and experiences to opportunities in the visual arts? This workshop will provide an overview to writing resumes and cover letters as well as tailored tips and tricks when applying for opportunities in the visual arts. This workshop is designed specifically for CUNY undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in learning about and pursuing careers in visual art, arts education, and arts administration. Conversation will be facilitated by staff in MoMA’s Human Resources and Education departments. See link for details and registration info.

MoMA/CUNY Student Ambassadors Program

June 2021 (Online)

Through a series of behind-the-scenes workshops and discussions with MoMA staff across departments, a cohort of CUNY Student Ambassadors will learn about modern and contemporary art, gain unique perspectives from art museum professionals, explore networking opportunities, and participate in a public program. See attached PDF for more information and application details.


Memories for the Future: Garrett Bradley, Tina Campt, and Trevor Mathison in Conversation

March 18, 2021, 5:00pm-7:00pm EST, Online event

Join artist and filmmaker Garrett Bradley, composer Trevor Mathison, a collaborator on Bradley’s America (2019), and scholar Tina Campt, author of Listening to Images (Duke University Press, 2017) for a conversation exploring the presence of archives, and the process of imagining to bring forth histories and memories lost to us, as a practice of archival repair—a theme throughout Bradley’s work.

This special event is the culmination of the Memories for the Future workshop series. Memories for the Future invited audiences of all ages to create short films that remember the places, people, and histories they have lost or left behind. Taking inspiration from Bradley’s interest in repairing archival absences, Memories for the Future considered how sound and moving images can evoke personal memories to transform collective history. A series of workshops facilitated by filmmakers, sound artists, and other visual storytellers, illustrated how to use the filmmaking and scoring techniques. The evening will also premiere a selection of films created by workshop participants.

This program is presented in collaboration with The Studio Museum in Harlem on the occasion of Projects: Garrett Bradley (November 2020-March 21, 2021). Register for the program here.

Black Reconstructions: Cities and Spatial Justice

Monday, March 29, 6:30pm-8:00pm EST, Online event

How do we reckon with the past to create a future? Who tells the history of your neighborhood? How do we attain spatial justice? This discussion will expand and explore questions raised in the exhibition Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America by inviting the panelists and audience members to consider their positions, choices, and personal and collective power in working to protect and create Black urban spaces. This event is moderated by Ifeoma Ebo and is planned in collaboration with the BlackSpace Urbanist Collective. Audiences are encouraged to read BlackSpace’s manifesto in advance of the event. Featured speakers include Mario Gooden, Sekou Cooke, J. Yolande Daniels, Felecia Davis, and Peggy Shepard, among others.


This event is free, open to all, and takes place over Zoom meeting. Register here.


Free Online Coursera MOOC 

Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America presents 11 newly commissioned projects that reimagine the spaces of Black life as sites of imagination, care, liberation, resistance, and refusal.

Join learners around the world for MoMA’s newest free online course, Reimagining Blackness and Architecture. See video trailer here. Through original films, audio interviews, and readings, you’ll hear directly from Black artists, architects, and scholars and explore the ways Black makers are shaping the world around them. #ReconstructionsMoMA

The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212.708.9603

MoMA is open with new hours and safety protocols. We look forward to seeing you at the Museum. For more information, visit our website at


6th Annual Careers in Film Summit

Careers in Film Summit


10/31/20 Halloween and Horror Genre Schedule

10:00 a.m. – Welcome

10:10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – All Things Animation
Mike Belzer, Animator, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Kendal Cronkhite Shaindlin, Assistant Art Director, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Sandra Equihua, Character Designer, “The Book of Life”
Jackie Koehler, Lead Animator, “The Book of Life”
Jennifer Kluska, Director/Story Artist, “Hotel Transylvania” films
Michelle Murdocca, Producer/Exec. Producer, “Hotel Transylvania” films
Moderator: Randy Haberkamp, Senior Vice President, Preservation and Foundation Programming, Academy
See Full Panel Biographies

11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – Music in Horror Films
John Carpenter, Writer/Director/Producer/Composer, “Halloween”
Moderator: Mike Muse, host of Sirius XM’s “The Mike Muse Show”
See Full Panel Biographies

1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Lunch Break

1:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. – Lights, Camera, Action…Production!
Maxime Alexandre, Cinematographer, “The Nun”
Rick Baker, Special Make-Up Effects Creator, “The Wolfman”
Luis Sequeira, Costume Designers Branch, “It Chapter Two”
Jennifer Spence, Production Designer, “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”
Checco Varese, ASC, Cinematographer, “It Chapter Two”
Moderator:  Audrey Cleo Yap, Multimedia Journalist
See Full Panel Biographies

3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Working Above-the-Line
Tobin Bell, Actor, the “Saw” movies
Gerard Bush & Christopher Renz, Co-Writer/Director/Producer, “Antebellum”
Ian Cooper, Producer, “Candyman”
Gerard McMurray, Director/Producer, “The First Purge”
Terri Taylor, Casting Director, “Get Out”
Moderator: Mike Muse, host of Sirius XM’s “The Mike Muse Show”
See Full Panel Biographies

4:30 p.m. – Program Ends


This program is supported by a grant from The James Irvine Foundation

College Night Is Back & It’s Free!

College Night aims to provide real resources to students who are interested in pursuing careers in art, design, and museums, with an emphasis on breaking down the pathways and barriers that can intimidate young professionals when planning for their futures.

Our student programming provides professional development opportunities, such as a lecture series featuring museum professionals across departments and throughout the world of design, as well as creative workshops, resumé reviews, and direct mentorship with our museum staffers.

Our offerings for this season’s College Night series are:

Sep 2 | 7–8:30pm
Thinking Outside the Grid: Social Design & Community Education Pt. 1

The first of a two-part student series, this event will delve into the history of design as it relates to community organizing, the visual language behind powerful consciousness-raising designs, and the ways in which social media changes how we encounter, value, and communicate information. Hear from Rafael Esquer, Creative Director and CEO at Alfalfa New YorkMatt Massara, graphic designer and illustrator, and Antionette Carroll, President and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, in conversation with Poster House’s Chief Curator Angelina Lippert as we tackle the evolving mediums and functions of design.

This event is sponsored by Creative Reaction Lab.

Register & Attend For Free

Sep 15 | 7–8:30pm
Thinking Outside the Grid: Social Design & Community Education Pt. 2

The second of a two-part student series about the history of design as it relates to community organizing, this event brings the theories of Part 1 into practice.

Through a hands-on workshop led by Isometric Studio, students will gain the knowledge and resources to begin designing their own informational graphics on voting to disseminate among their social circles, both online and through the power of the street-facing poster.

Using digital tools or paper and markers, participants will design their own graphic posters while learning about type, color, and communication.

Register & Attend For Free
Sep 22 | 7–8:30pm
Behind the Job: Exhibition Design

This lecture will explore the lifespan of an exhibition at a museum, from inception and design, to installation and documentation. Hear from Ola Baldych, Poster House’s Design Director, and John Lynch, Poster House’s Exhibition Manager, about how they work together to build something that supports the museum’s vision within the museum’s physical capabilities. Then, hear from Stephanie Powell, a photography professor and Poster House consultant, about her documentation of exhibitions and how her images can be used for years to come through museum-related initiatives.

Register & Attend For Free
Oct 7 | 7–8:30pm
Women in Design

This lecture will highlight the career paths of three accomplished women in design, all hailing from different backgrounds and current positions in the design world. Participants will learn about each of these designer’s career trajectories, from college to where they find themselves now, and have the opportunity to ask questions so as to feel better equipped to continue pursuing their own professional futures.

Hear from Poster House’s Designer, Mihoshi Fukushima Clark; graphic designer, writer, and educator, Gail Anderson; as well as artist and design historian, Elizabeth Meggs, as they recount their experiences as students and their journeys to success in the arts.

Register & Attend For Free
Oct 20 | 7–8:30pm
Grad School Night

When making any decision about your education, it can help to consult a wide array of resources and perspectives. Whether you are considering graduate school or are a current graduate student, this evening is for you. In this program, you will hear from multiple speakers in the design world who hold Masters Degrees, including Poster House’s Director Julia Knight and professor and artist Clara Lieu, who will discuss their educational journeys and what they learned about the cause and effect of going through graduate programs.

The final half-hour of this program will feature the Poster House’s Education Team, who will lead participants in a professional development session focusing on continuing education post-school and resources for professional networking and involvement during and after your formal education.

Register & Attend For Free
Nov 17 | 7–8:30pm
The Future of Museums

Over the past year, museums have worked to find footing within many complex and widespread challenges, including a global pandemic and the ongoing civil rights movement. As museums adapt to meet the world where it is today, we are tasked with considering how museums can continue to change and grow into the future, and who their audience and supporters are.

How do you imagine the museum of the future, and how can we build it together? In our final roundtable of the fall semester, these are the questions that will be discussed by our esteemed panelists, including curator and design historian Michelle Millar Fisher, cultural organizer and curator La Tanya Autry, and educator, writer, and executive director of NXTHVNNico Wheadon.

Register & Attend For Free

One Club Deadline, Friday May 1, 2020

The One Club’s free global portfolio review

The positive response to The One Club Online Portfolio Review has been absolutely phenomenal, with nearly a thousand young creatives from around the world already registered to have their work critiqued. Couple this with several hundred creative professionals already volunteering to critique portfolios and offer advice, and the Online Portfolio Review is shaping up to be an incredible initiative in a time when the global pandemic has put so many young creatives’ aspirations on hold.

That said, there’s always room for more! If you’re a student or recent grad and haven’t yet uploaded your portfolio, or if you’re a creative professional looking to give back to the next generation of creatives throughout the month of May, you have until this Friday. May 1 to register.

The Online Portfolio Review is free of charge for all participants.




Break up the monotony of quarantine by paying it forward professionally! You’ll only be assigned as many portfolios as you’d like to take on, and you’ll have a few weeks to write a review of each person’s work. You’ll even have an opportunity to continue the conversation if you’d like to guide a young creative post-pandemic.



You’ve worked hard to get this far — don’t let a little thing like a worldwide lockdown get in the way of gaining feedback from the very creative professionals you hope to impress when things get better. Once you’ve uploaded your portfolio, it will be assigned to multiple creative professionals, in order to give you a broad scope of opinions of your work.



450 W. 31st St.
6th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Queens College Data Hackathon

Tech Incubator at Queens College and Serval Ventures will host a Data Hackathon at Queens College on March 1, during the NYC Open Data week. We invite data scientists, artists, designers, developers and anyone who is interested in data visualization to participate.

Topic: Can Data Start a Movement?
Date: March 1
Time: 9am to 5pm
Location: Student Union Fish Bowl, Queens College
Open to the public and free

AIGA NY Job Fair! February 7th

Meet creative companies helping you take your first steps in the design industry.

Are you a design student or new graduate? Join us for AIGA NY’s 4th annual mini-job fair! Meet reps from New York’s top creative companies and studios. Find out what a typical day is like for their designers and hear what creative directors are looking for in new designers like you.

It’s speed networking meets the design industry and not another portfolio review. Come by, introduce yourself, and discover where to take your first steps in the design industry.

AIGA NY board members Caspar LamJanet Esquirol and Jarrett Fuller will co-host.

AIGA NY Student Job Fair is part of the Work in Progress event series. These events are focused on the creative process, personal development and professional development. They aim to give a peek behind the curtain and expose failure as a valuable experience.

Starr Foundation Hall University Center
63 5th Avenue, Room UL102
New York, 10011

Friday, February 7

12:00pm – Doors open & check-in
12:10pm – Job Fair begins
4:00pm – Job Fair ends