College Night Is Back & It’s Free!

College Night aims to provide real resources to students who are interested in pursuing careers in art, design, and museums, with an emphasis on breaking down the pathways and barriers that can intimidate young professionals when planning for their futures.

Our student programming provides professional development opportunities, such as a lecture series featuring museum professionals across departments and throughout the world of design, as well as creative workshops, resumé reviews, and direct mentorship with our museum staffers.

Our offerings for this season’s College Night series are:

Sep 2 | 7–8:30pm
Thinking Outside the Grid: Social Design & Community Education Pt. 1

The first of a two-part student series, this event will delve into the history of design as it relates to community organizing, the visual language behind powerful consciousness-raising designs, and the ways in which social media changes how we encounter, value, and communicate information. Hear from Rafael Esquer, Creative Director and CEO at Alfalfa New YorkMatt Massara, graphic designer and illustrator, and Antionette Carroll, President and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, in conversation with Poster House’s Chief Curator Angelina Lippert as we tackle the evolving mediums and functions of design.

This event is sponsored by Creative Reaction Lab.

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Sep 15 | 7–8:30pm
Thinking Outside the Grid: Social Design & Community Education Pt. 2

The second of a two-part student series about the history of design as it relates to community organizing, this event brings the theories of Part 1 into practice.

Through a hands-on workshop led by Isometric Studio, students will gain the knowledge and resources to begin designing their own informational graphics on voting to disseminate among their social circles, both online and through the power of the street-facing poster.

Using digital tools or paper and markers, participants will design their own graphic posters while learning about type, color, and communication.

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Sep 22 | 7–8:30pm
Behind the Job: Exhibition Design

This lecture will explore the lifespan of an exhibition at a museum, from inception and design, to installation and documentation. Hear from Ola Baldych, Poster House’s Design Director, and John Lynch, Poster House’s Exhibition Manager, about how they work together to build something that supports the museum’s vision within the museum’s physical capabilities. Then, hear from Stephanie Powell, a photography professor and Poster House consultant, about her documentation of exhibitions and how her images can be used for years to come through museum-related initiatives.

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Oct 7 | 7–8:30pm
Women in Design

This lecture will highlight the career paths of three accomplished women in design, all hailing from different backgrounds and current positions in the design world. Participants will learn about each of these designer’s career trajectories, from college to where they find themselves now, and have the opportunity to ask questions so as to feel better equipped to continue pursuing their own professional futures.

Hear from Poster House’s Designer, Mihoshi Fukushima Clark; graphic designer, writer, and educator, Gail Anderson; as well as artist and design historian, Elizabeth Meggs, as they recount their experiences as students and their journeys to success in the arts.

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Oct 20 | 7–8:30pm
Grad School Night

When making any decision about your education, it can help to consult a wide array of resources and perspectives. Whether you are considering graduate school or are a current graduate student, this evening is for you. In this program, you will hear from multiple speakers in the design world who hold Masters Degrees, including Poster House’s Director Julia Knight and professor and artist Clara Lieu, who will discuss their educational journeys and what they learned about the cause and effect of going through graduate programs.

The final half-hour of this program will feature the Poster House’s Education Team, who will lead participants in a professional development session focusing on continuing education post-school and resources for professional networking and involvement during and after your formal education.

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Nov 17 | 7–8:30pm
The Future of Museums

Over the past year, museums have worked to find footing within many complex and widespread challenges, including a global pandemic and the ongoing civil rights movement. As museums adapt to meet the world where it is today, we are tasked with considering how museums can continue to change and grow into the future, and who their audience and supporters are.

How do you imagine the museum of the future, and how can we build it together? In our final roundtable of the fall semester, these are the questions that will be discussed by our esteemed panelists, including curator and design historian Michelle Millar Fisher, cultural organizer and curator La Tanya Autry, and educator, writer, and executive director of NXTHVNNico Wheadon.

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