Mathematical Design Class for MQR Credit Requirement, Fall 2020

Have you been looking for an exciting class that satisfies the MQR requirement?  A new class in the math department is being offered in Fall 2020 that blends mathematics, design, and art.

The course is MATH 128: Mathematical Design (CUNYFirst code 63538) and it is open to all students who placed into MATH 122 (Precalculus) or above. Students will learn mathematical concepts and algorithmic techniques that can be used to create digital art based on mathematical exploration of two-dimensional geometry.  These images will be realized using pen plotters.

(Examples of mathematically inspired pen plotter artwork by Josh Barratt, Matt DesLauriers, and Michelle Chandra.)

The math topics in the class will be taught gently – they involve include transformations of the plane, trigonometric functions, polar coordinates, parametric functions, and Mobius transformations.  Students will learn the basics of programming in Desmos and p5js to be able to create images on their own. No prior experience in programming is necessary.

We anticipate that this class will be offered on a regular basis starting in Fall 2020.  In Fall 2020, the course will be mainly taught online.  If possible, groups of students will meet a few times during the semester in the Queens College Makerspace to be introduced to the Makerspace and have hands-on experience with the pen plotters.

Any questions can be directed to Professor Christopher Hanusa at

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