Paid Summer Internship: Social Designer

Mekanism is an award-winning, independent, full-service advertising agency made up of creative entrepreneurs. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Seattle, we serve as collaborative business partners with some of the world’s best brands, including Ben & Jerry’s, HBO, MillerCoors, Peloton, Facebook, Charles Schwab and Alaska Airlines. Our creative approach to brand building is best described as “The Soul & Science of Storytelling”: Communicating a brand’s purpose with ideas informed by data and rooted in human truths.

Mekanism has been named to Ad Age’s “Agency A List” and twice to their “Best Places to Work”. We have also been listed on Creativity’s “The Creative 50” and have been recognized by Effie as one of the “Most Effective Independent Agencies”. We have been profiled by The New York Times, Fast Company and ABC’s Nightline. Mekanism’s campaigns have been covered and studied by Harvard Business School.

We take great pride in making unconventional campaigns for brands in conventional categories.  Our patented blend of storytelling for emerging media takes a small army of Mekanistas to pull off.  What is a Mekanista you ask? Being a Mekanista requires a rare combination of being a strange, wonderful and talented person who enjoys coffee, Ping-Pong and impromptu rooftop jam and workout sessions.  We are smart, strange, wonderful folks that brave our contentious and often spirited brainstorming sessions to make advertising magic.



We get it, our parents wanted us to become doctors too. But do you know how many medical schools are equipped with foosball tables? Zero, we looked. And while a PhD is great, getting a Master’s Degree is just as good (if not better), especially if it’s from the Mek Masters Program*. Here, you’ll learn all about storytelling in emerging media. You’ll work on real projects for real clients. Big ones. You’ll also learn how to be fearless and pitch big ideas, how to collaborate and how to put all those .gifs you’ve collected over the years to good use in all agency emails, all in a friendly, innovative environment that just so happens to also be dog friendly and filled with Chicago Cubs fans. AND, you’ll be paid, so there’s no need to take out a loan. (Suck it, Sallie Mae). Yeah, pretty sure you don’t get all of that in medical school. Or maybe you do. We don’t know, we never went.

*Not a real Master’s Program, but definitely a real internship at a real advertising agency called Mekanism.



Our EPIC Signal team (social arm of Mekanism) is passionate about social media and actively tweet, snap and ‘gram. They understand the value of visually communicating with digital and social communities, are always ready to master institutional platforms and explore new ones. In this internship, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to concepting, design, and the visual development of social media campaigns for global brands in the spirits and gelato categories. If you have a talent for wearing multiple hats , easily switching amongst brand aesthetics with intermediate experience with photoshop, illustrator, indesign, premiere, and/or after effects, then please apply! Having video and animation experience is a plus!



June 11th – August 24th

Full-time, Monday – Friday, minimum of 40 hours/week.



A crash course in soul and science of storytelling


Some Mek swag

An appreciation for lovely chandeliers


Come on, getting a paid Mek Masters Internship can’t be a piece of cake. We gotta make you sweat, just a little. Here’s the ask. Get those creative juices flowing and make an ad campaign for your mom or mom-like person in your life. Convince the world that, if they could choose, they’d want to choose your mom as their mom. Show us some data backing up your claims, insights on why she’s better than the average ‘mom,’ and create a big idea to promote her in a creative announcement to convince the world what your mom is the real deal (e.g., print ad, social post, video, poster, etc.)

You can upload your Momvertising (yes, that’s a word)  along with your resume/portfolio to let us know that you’re serious about becoming a Mekanista this summer.  (Note: you can only upload one document in the application. Applications will be accepted April 11th-23rd.)

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